Fear has no Dominion


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About this album
Most of these songs were composed in 2017, although a few are somewhat older. They were recorded in four sessions between April 2017 and February 2018. As far as possible, performances were live in the studio.

Mask of Anarchy Records MOAREC-18001-CD



Track listing

  1. Migrants
  2. Between the chemical works and the oil refinery
  3. Fear has no dominion (over me)
  4. Strange Child Coming
  5. Three-legged dog
  6. Saturday night
  7. The only Marxist (in the golf club)
  8. Dark caught me here
  9. Hey Bartender
  10. Morris Minor to Memphis
  11. Hey Postman
  12. Not a word was spoken
  13. Wired but tired
  14. Fear has no dominion (slight return)
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