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“Not necessarily the best slide guitarist in Wales, but definitely in the top two.”

Rob Poole is a top-class guitarist based in the Dee Delta of North East Wales and West Cheshire. He revisits songs from the great blues cannon and he plays original material.

He explores the blues as a living, evolving music in the spirit of modern greats such as Alvin Youngblood Hart, Otis Taylor, Martin Harley and Tom Doughty.

His influences range from Blind Willie Johnson and Son House, through Hank and Hendrix, to Ry Cooder, Wilko Johnson (no relation to Willie) and Richard Thompson (not strictly speaking a blues performer, but ridiculously good).

He plays driving, gritty blues and haunting songs of regret with equal conviction. He has a huge repertoire and, in the great blues tradition, he can keep going all night. He has a well-deserved reputation for being unfailingly entertaining.

His music satisfies mind and body. Audiences smile, they cry and sometimes they dance. Mostly, they cry. Rob Poole achieves all of this from a sitting position.

He hopes to reach out beyond his key demographic of the middle aged and the inebriated. However, to help his existing loyal following to negotiate unfamiliar digital technology, he wishes to point out that if you click onto the names he has dropped and the type of material mentioned above, you can savour his work and the work of those who have influenced him.